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BlazeNinja : Testnet |

 Airdrop details

 Airdrop party:  BlazeNinja

 Activity incentive: Testnet

 Main demand:  Application ETH/ERC/EVM Invite 

 Recommended:  ★★★ 3.0

 Collection time: 2023/11/08

BlazeNinja is currently participating in a Testnet event. Open the event page, link the wallet, register and ClaimTokens, complete various tasks, and invite friends to get more!

 Event Information

 Key strategy: Subject to the latest official version

*The information is accurate and relatively complete. It is provided and only for understanding the free airdrop wool part. Please do not perform any risk operations and stay away from all parts involving investment & recharge!
PS. It’s only possible if you don’t have any hair. If you don’t have any hair, it’s the best strategy to squeeze your wool with rain and dew, but you must stay away from risky operations, safety first, don’t touch investment and funds, and operate in compliance with laws and regulations. , To avoid items whose substance is inconsistent with the description at the time of inclusion/replaced content.

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Declaration & Notice

Note: Any airdrop will not require your private key (all forms including mnemonics), exchange password, email password, and any information that may be designed to secure private property. Once you have a similar purpose, please stop participating in the airdrop activity and all subsequent steps immediately!

Disclaimer & Important Reminder:The contents of the currency airdrop network are all transferred from the Internet. Please clearly identify the risks of each project. All risks are at your own risk. Be careful and stay away from fund transactions and personal privacy. Do not invest, please be careful not Deceived! "This site disclaimer"


Airdrop is a vocabulary that also has its name. Airdrop can be simply and rudely understood as gift, wool, or an advantage. Currency generally refers to the carrier of the value of all free airdrops. It can be a certificate or pass for a variety of rights and interests, as well as all quantifiable free gifts, but it is not guaranteed to be valuable (or within a certain limited time and space dimension).

Most of these activities are accompanied by new product launches, new APP launches, new business development, etc., or project promotion and customer acquisition activities, and accompanying gift distribution activities.
We only collect the information of the part that is completely free of charge, and do not recommend that you participate in the content of other parts of the project, and only look at the part that is purely free of charge without risk.

First of all, you may need to wait for the event party to distribute the candy and release the specific monetization announcement details. These activities are different, you need to pay attention to the corresponding announcement and customer service. But not all candies are guaranteed to be cashed. After all, there is no promise or no promise for free airdrops. It is important to pay attention to this aspect. It is recommended that both the rain and the dew are applied when putting energy into the wool.

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